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January 31, 2008


Ear Cleaning Concoction in New Containers I Just Bought 

The labels say, “Mama’s Ear Cleaner” and “Jonesy, Sissy and Tinky’s Ear Cleaner”

I just happened to mosey on over to Erin’s Blog today. Erin has a beautiful Weimeraner named Chloe. Every Wednesday Erin participates in a blog carnival called “Works For Me Wednesdays”.  Today Erin had the greatest tip for cleaning your dogs ears, and I just had to share it with all my bloggy friends.

I picked up a couple of containers with air tight seals and prepared a “batch” of ear cleaner for Jonesy, Sissy and Tinky. I also made an extra batch for my daughter’s dog Mama. I am so excited that I think Sissy is going to get a bath tonight with all the trimmings, including nail trim and ear cleaning. Jonesy and Tinky will get their baths tomorrow and Friday. See what I did, Erin! Thanks for the tip.

Go on over to Erin’s Blog and get her recipe and make yourself up a batch!



January 30, 2008


Super Squirrel and General Squirrel     

A lot has been happening in my back yard this last week. Super Squirrel and General Squirrel have set up headquarters and were secretly conspiring to march over to Rusty’s and take down his sign that says, “No Squirrels Allowed”.  My three Chihuahuas and I got into a huddle to try to figure out how to get these squirrels to give up and wave the white flag. Tinky my mean Chihuahua  says, “Let me at ’em. I will give them a shiner.”

Jonesy changed into his Ninja outfit and proceeded to go out in the back yard and face those squirrels…one on one. Eeeeeeyaaa….Bam…a chop in their knees.  Eeeeeya….Bam…a chop to their necks. Whock whock whock. And then….thud….thud.

Ninja Jonesy 
Those pesky squirrels have been defeated by Ninja Jonesy. They ran out of the yard never to return. And once again…Jonesy has saved the day!


January 29, 2008


From left to right: Tinky and Jonesy

On weekends if the weather is nice, I open the sliding door to let the dogs out. They are really excited and bark at anything that moves, anything they think is moving, they chase each other around, play in the plants and bask in the sun. Usually within 10 or 15 minutes they take a break and they are either laying among the plants or sprawled on the lawn taking in the nice California rays. All except Jonesy!

After the barking has become boring, and everyone has peed on everything, Jonesy comes up to the door and stands guard. I think he wants to make sure that I don’t close the door on him. He will stay by that door until I call them in.  I don’t know why he won’t just come back in. No one is forcing him to go outside, it is strictly optional. Tinky is with him, but this is a rare occasion.


January 28, 2008

 As you all know, Tinky and Jonesy got into it earlier this week and Jonesy got a shiner. The vet bill was expensive and I told Tinky that she was going to have to get a job to pay me back.

I was checking on Canine Craig’s List to see what possible jobs are out there for a mean little Chihuahua. I saw an ad that looks like a perfect job for Tinky. “Wanted… Little Dogs to Clean Computer Screens.  Great benefits and all the water you can drink. Send your resume to Pugsy.”

Guess I’ll send in Tinky’s Resume…


January 25, 2008

This is Jonesy, The Mexican Rabbi

Here is a picture of Jonesy as a Rabbi. My friends and family has argued with me that since Jonesy is a Mexican Chihuahu, he can’t be Jewish. I beg to differ with them. Since Jonesy was adopted, it’s possible he can be Jewish. 

What do you think? Is it possible?


January 24, 2008

Jonesy’s First Shiner!

8:00 A.M.

All was well after I gave the dogs their breakfast. I decided to give them all a treat and I prepared three Kongs with cut up “cookies” and topped them all off with a little liver paste. Yum yum. I then proceed to sit the dogs on the couch with their Kongs. “Great”, I thought, “This will keep them happy and busy for awhile.”

Since I don’t work on Wednesdays (because of cutbacks), I proceeded to get on the computer and check out my blog. All of a sudden, I heard this awful gnarling and yipping. “Oh no”, I thought, “Tinky and Jonesy are at it again!”  I immediately  ran into the living room to see what’s going on.  “What the hey”, I yelled.  After I stopped the altercation, I inspected Jonesy and Tinky to see if they were alright. After a thorough  inspection, I noticed that Jonesy had the biggest “shiner” you ever saw. Who won that one? 

I’m just guessing, but I think someone might have “looked” at someone’s Kong just a little too long. Sissy wasn’t stupid, she was nowhere near those two. She took off with her Kong so she could be alone to savor it all by herself with no intrusions.

Now I have to call my vet to see if she has time to see Jonesy. Poor little guy. I pray that I don’t have to rename him “Popeye”. Jeesh, I hope neither one of them cries domestic abuse and they don’t want a divorce over this.

Stay tuned……..

4:07 P.M. Just got back from the vets. They gave Jonesy a fluorescain stain to see if his eyeball was injured. It’s kinda neat. They put a drop of this “stuff’ in his eye which makes the eye turn green (kinda like the photo above). Then they rinse the eye with water and put a fluorescent light on it to see if the eye is injured. Sure enough, there was a little tear on his eyeball. The vet gave me a prescription of tobramycin opthalmic solution and told me to put 1 drop in Jonesy’s eye four times a day for a week. Whew….I am glad that’s all it was. So, it looks like I wont be renaming him Popeye after all!

Gotta start looking for a job for Tinky. She is getting a bill for this one.


January 23, 2008

general-squirrel.jpgGeneral Squirrel unexpectedly emerged in my back yard this morning. I immediatly went into action, and at zero eight hundred hours I went incognito and hid under a bush by the side of the house with binoculars in hand. Gotta find out what that pesky squirrel is up to.

After a few minutes of spying, I exposed that annoying squirrel in a covert meeting with Super Squirrel !

I just received word from the DIA (Doggy Intelligence Agency) that General Squirrel has learned that my doggy blogger friend  Rusty has a sign at his house saying, “No Squirrels Allowed.” Word has it that Super Squirrel has abandoned “Operation Jonesy” and is not going after Jonesy for digging up his peanuts. According to my sources, General Squirrel and Super Squirrel are  mapping out Rusty’s place right now and are going into “Operation Sign Removal”. 

I just wanted to warn all my doggy blogger friends out there to be on the lookout for General Squirrel and his army.  Please warn Rusty if you see them!