I have a few friends on wordpress that post the greatest pictures of their dogs.  Some of them are done on a daily basis. I have a few pictures of my dogs, but they are few and far between.  I just don’t seem to have all of the patience to snap photos of my dogs every day. It’s seems like an impossible chore. I just don’t see how Checkers, Rusty and Cody Bear get such wonderful pictures of them posted on their blogs.

I tried to take a video of Sissy eating peanut butter, post it on YouTube and download it on my blog.  Since Sissy is a little dog, I had to put her up on the table so she would be eye to eye with the camera. I put a big glob of peanut butter in her mouth and started to take the video.

Take 1: Camera is rolling, Sissy has a mouthfull of peanut butter, is licking like crazy and she decides to turn her back to the camera.

Take 2: Camera is rolling and Sissy gets excited, and licks the camera with her peanut butter tongue.

Take 3: Camera is rolling and Sissy gets too close to the camera and gets out of focus.

Take 4: Camera is rolliing AGAIN and peanut butter is almost gone and there is not much licking going on.  SCRAP THIS VIDEO!

Okay, let’s take a video of Sissy chewing on her bone. She loooves to chew on her bone and we have a game where I try to take her bone while she is chewing. This is fun to her. She wags her tail and “growls” at me.

Take 1: Camera is rolling and Sissy drops the bone.

Take 2: Camera is rolling and Sissy drops the bone and licks my hand.

Take 3: Camera is rolling and Sissy drops the bone, looks at the camera with her ears perked and her head tilted to the side.

THAT’S ENOUGH, I’VE HAD IT! And I thought my dog was so smart.

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  1. Rusty Says:

    Hi! I love peanut butter! You know, my mom doesn’t know how to do a video in youtube, she would like to see one of Sissy if she will coporate! It sounds like it would be cute! (Rusty’s mom: I had to laugh out loud while I was reading your description of the attempted videoing! I tried to take a picture of Rusty eating peanut butter awhile back and that never worked out either.) 🙂

  2. maggiemayday Says:

    Hehe, Hilarious.

    Ah, doggy portraits, good luck with that!

    I’m a cat person, and only have a dog by accident. Oide (oy-day, Japanese for Come Here) is half Siamese, half tabby, an obnoxious punk monster. Harry BL is a giant silver tabby, he was handed to me in a pet shop, all skin and bones and ready to die as a tiny kitten. He was found on Harrison Boulevard, that’s how he got his name. Cricket is our fat old Schnauzer, a nice lady simply got to old to care for her many pets. She loves men! We also have a white long-haired hamster named Yakums.

  3. Gina Says:

    You don’t see many pictures of my dogs on my blog either! They are so hard to get a picture of sitting still and never look as cute as they do in person.
    P. S. Jonesy, Tinky and Sissy, you have a very sweet Mommy.

  4. Checkers Says:

    I forgot about peanut butter! That stuff is great. My owner likes to take pictures, but I don’t make it easy; I never sit still, and the camera makes me even more active! Hey, I like the snow falling on your blog. I didn’t know they had weather inside!

  5. sillydoggies Says:

    Too funny. I try to sneak up on my dogs to take pictures, but since they are glued to my side it is difficult. 🙂

  6. Rusty Says:

    Hi, I’m back. Thanks for the tip on stuffed toys. I am now the proud owner of an unstuffed toy. It is a lot of fun!

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