I am really fond of cats and their antics, but they are a little aloof for me. Cats think they own you. On the other hand, dogs give you unrequited love, are faithful to a fault, give you almost all of the companionship you need, and are a lot of fun to be around. Yes, you can say I am a dog person.  How do I know?


  • Lint wheels are on my shopping list every week.
  • The trash basket is permanently installed in the kitchen sink, to keep the dogs out of it while I’m at work.
  • I refer to myself as Mommy.
  • My dogs sleep with me.
  • I have 32 different names for my dogs. Most make no sense, but they understand.
  • My dogs lick themselves, but I still let them kiss me (but not immediately afterward, of course).
  • I have my dogs pictures on my office desk (but no one else’s).
  • I am the only idiot walking in the pouring rain because my dogs need their walk.
  • I have a blog about my dogs! 🙂
  • My children refer to my dogs as their brother and sisters.
  • My grown children come over, lifts the cover on the pan on the stove and says, “Is this people food or dog food?”
  • I have dog hair stuck on tape on wrapped gifts.
  • I cringe at the price of food in the grocery store but think nothing of the cost of dog food or treats.

Are you a dog person?  How do you know you are? 

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  1. Rusty Says:

    Hi! It’s me, Rusty. Mom says that no outfit is complete without a little dog hair. Maybe that’s another way you know you are a dog person. I, of course give mom all the dog hair she needs for her outfits!

  2. puppymom Says:

    -All of our clothes always have red clay mud on them.
    -Our floors are covered in fuzzy bits of dog toys. Always.
    -I can’t go out shopping without at least peeking in the nearest pet supply store.
    -More than half of my internet research is dog-related.
    -Almost half of my conversations are dog-related.

  3. Hi,
    Because I have a blog of Dogs With Cones! Be sure to check “our inspiration” page to see our dogs.
    I’ll add you to our blogroll.

  4. Raquel Says:

    I know I’m a dog person. All the things on your list apply to me. Too funny! I love the pics on your site. I’m adding you to my blog roll! Great Site! 🙂

  5. Erin Craig Says:

    My husband and I have only one kid so far…Chloe our 11 month old Weimaraner! We refer to each other as mommy and daddy and for Christmas I bought my husband a picture frame with 3 openings that say mom+dad=me It will of course have Chloe in it! We are sick, in a dog obsessed way!

  6. pornstar88 Says:

    I added you on my blogroll.


  7. 2lazydogs Says:

    -All of my clothing not only has dog hair on it, but dog slobber, too!
    -If I had to choose between my dogs and a man, I’d choose my dogs.
    -You can’t find a single roll of accessible toilet paper in my house – its all high on a shelf where the dogs can’t get it
    -I ask my dogs if they have to go potty…as if they’re going to reply!
    -When I have family or friends over for dinner and one of them finds a dog hair in their meal they cringe and I just continue eating.

    Love your blog!

  8. Gina Says:

    Because we have dogs instead of children (weren’t blessed with children) and we are still very fulfilled and happy because of our dogs. We call ourselves Mama and Daddy to our dogs. Also, I get offended when people talk bad about dogs or are mean to them.

  9. Preston Surface Says:

    I used to be a dog owner. Each dog I had tried to get me to listen and learn. Then age caught up with them and they passed on and I cried. I missed them and would eventualy get another dog. When Buster and Molly passed on we, Anna and I, swore no more.

    Then one day in Oklahoma, a scruffy, muddy, puppy jumped into Anna’s lap at a place we were visiting. The people said they found her and another on the freeway I think on a dark and stormy night or something to that nature. The people said we could have her if we wanted her. We both swore, “No more dogs” but Anna turned to me and said, “We could name her Sugar.” So the story of the Original Oklahoma Mud-puppy began. Later our family grew as we adopted Ben, our collie/lab mix, then Moppet, my boy the Shih-tzu, and lastly Sassy a cresty-poo.

    Our eyes were finally opened. We were no longer dog owners but dog lovers. All my other dogs tried to teach me of the wonderful presence they freely allow us to enjoy. Of their warmth and abundant life they allow us to feel, touch, sense, and absorb.

    I love my dogs so much. I could go on and on for I ramble lots.

    My dogs have taught me Life is good, at least when I am around them.


    Preston, I think you said it best. I feel the same way as you.

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