I just love to read about dogs that have jobs, and I have a few blogs about working dogs . There is Endale , a very famous service dog in England who is so amazing, and another blog about Jail Sniffing Dogs. A lot of dogs work for their keep, such as hunting dogs, herding dogs, dogs that work for the police by apprehending criminals, sniffing out drugs, and finding lost people.

Everyone knows that I have three Chihuahuas, and I don’t think it’s too unreasonable for me to want them to work.  Today I pondered over my morning coffee, trying  to figure out what kinds of jobs they would be qualified for. 

Let’s see…..Sissy could clean floors! She has a lot of experience, and is better at cleaning floors than a Roomba! Every time I cook, she sits patiently, and as soon as any tidbit drops on the floor….BAM, it’s gone!

I think Tinky would be an excellent begger! She could sit on her haunches at an intersection, with her front paws curled up to her chest, have that pitiful “hungry” look on her face, and carry a sign that says, “Will work for food.” The motorists would not be able to resist her, and she would clean up!

I don’t know about a job for Jonesy. He is too neurotic. I think he would have to go on State Disability. He has a good sniffer, but that’s only good for sniffing out treats that I hide in my pocket.

Okay, it’s a done deal..they are getting a job! As soon as I finish this blog, I am going to post their resume on

What kind of a job do you think your dog would be qualified for?

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6 Comments on “JOBS FOR DOGS”

  1. I think our family’s pomeranian, Tashi, would also make a good floor cleaner. However, her slovenly eating habits sometime make the mess in the first place, which she then cleans up an hour later after she has forgotten she was the originator of the mess. She finds a pile of crumbs and thinks, “Wow! Food treasure fallen from the sky! Mine mine mine YUM!”

    Tashi is a dog of little brain, but great cuteness.

    Your chihuahuas sound adorable.

  2. Rusty Says:

    Hi! I already have a job and it’s an important one. I keep the pecan trees out back free of squirrels! I patrol the back yard every day!

    My dad used to have a drug dog, well he belonged to the department and lived with mom and dad. His name was Ramsey. Dad says he had a good nose and mom said he was sweet. But he had to retire and he went to live with another retired deputy.

  3. puppymom Says:

    Wow! All you dogs out there have great-sounding jobs. My dog Lucy would make an excellent floor-mopper. She’s always licking the floor in the kitchen. And Sally would make an excellent alarm pup – she’s got quite a bark on her!

    Ultimately, it will be our dogs’ job to keep our yard free of deer and other animals (as well as the neighbor’s dog) so that my garden doesn’t get annihilated. 🙂

  4. tatker Says:

    My dogs have jobs…they herd sheep on the farm. But if they didn’t have that “job” they would probably be housecleaners or something like that because they are pretty OCD about things.

  5. happyrat Says:

    My dog would be great at search and rescue if he didn’t have arthritis, at 7 years old it’s too late to start formal training and I wish I had when he was much younger. He’s a squirrel/rabbit hunting trained even tho I never actually shoot the game, and I guess his real job could be helping my disabled father do stuff around the house but I’m the only one who’s ever worked with him and I’m the only one he’ll listen to. We’ve got another dog who would be great at flyball, and a third who’s prime material for agility which we’ll be starting come summer.

    I guess our dogs main ‘job’ is to be a three dog circus act tho, one of these years I’m going to enter them in the local dog show.

    Oh, and cart pulling! Never was able to trust Rupert with the groceries tho. 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  6. asia Says:

    look at this dog

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