When you talk to your dogs, how much of it do they understand? If you give them 1 or 2 word commands, they understand very well. I was just thinking about my three Chihuahuas and what their vocabularies consist of. Here is a list of the words that they know:

  • “Down” – That one is easy. Get off the couch, the bed, or my lap;
  • “Up” – I invite each dog up on the couch separately. I have to do this or they will all fly up on the couch,  run all over me, and I will have three tongues licking me all over my face until I can’t see or breathe;
  • “Go” – That means get out of the kitchen. They go, but they turn around and come right back;
  • “Do you want a cookie?” – This starts a barking frenzy as they run into the kitchen;
  • “No” – This means stop whatever you are doing immediately, whether it’s chewing, eating from someones bowl, stealing clothing, pooping or peeing;
  • “Speak” – Means, if you want a treat, you better bark;
  • “Roll Over” – This means lay down and roll all the way over to the other side or you don’t get a cookie. Sissy is the only dog that I can get to roll over (Jonesy is too neurotic and Tinky is not that  “s”  “m”  “a”  “r”  “t”.
  • “Let me see that tummy” – This means roll over on your back and you will get your tummy rubbed. Again, Sissy is the only one that I can get to roll over on her back. She also has the best tummy to rub ‘cuz it is like a football.
  • “Wanna go bye bye?” – This means we are going to the vet’s. 
  • “Wanna go outside?” – This means everybody meets at the back door and wait for it to open so we can romp in the grass and eat rabbit raisins! 

What commands do your dogs know?

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13 Comments on “DO DOGS UNDERSTAND?”

  1. Mercedes Says:

    “No”: no/stop that/get out of that…
    “Treat”?: “Do you want a treat”?
    “Pee Pee”?: Do you need to go pee pee?
    “Poopy”?: Do you need to go poopy?
    “Go for a ride”?: Do you want to go for a ride? Patch gets at least one ride a day-usually two.
    “Go to the store”?: Same as ride-Jedd and Patch go to the store Jedd owns.
    “Tell Me”!: Patch will tell me-WOOF WOOF…usually getting something in return.
    “Go”: Means to go-leave a room
    “Go to bed”!: Patch will go to bed
    “Outside”!: We go outside

    Of course I use these words in a complete sentence, but I’m sure Patch understands these particular words…and some more-can’t remember at this moment


  2. 4urpets Says:

    Wow, that’s great. You just reminded me of one more. If I say, “Tell me” to Sissy, she will bark as if she is talking to me.

  3. puppymom Says:

    So far, we know our names, Lucy and Sally, which mean “Come to mom or dad and sit down for a bit of kibble.” We also know:

    Sit = butt on the floor
    Down = lay down, tummy on the floor (Lucy likes to try and cheat on this one and not put her tummy down all the way)
    Go to bed = go to crate
    Sniff! = time for a sniffy break on a walk (they both love this command because they get to finally go where they want to go and pull the puppymom through weeds sniffing out all kinds of things)
    Off = get your paws/nose off of whatever you’re trying to get on
    Shake = shake paws
    Stay = stay where you are, pup! (we are working on this one, but getting better every day)
    Hey! = stop what you are doing right now (we are still working on this one, too).
    Let’s Go Potty = time to make potty (outside, of course!)

    Not too bad for a couple of rambunctious puppydogs!

  4. […] one must admit, over the days where they were trying to rip our arms off the entire way.  And, 4urpets had a recent post enumerating the words she has taught her dogs.  I made a list of the words our dogs know now, and […]

  5. 4urpets Says:


    That is really wonderful! You want to train my dogs?

  6. goodbear Says:

    what a cool idea 4urpets! cody bear is learning agility commands, but thats new so we won’t list those. he know:
    sit, down, stay, high five, differentiating between right paw and left, stay from a distance, down from a distance, drop it, carry it, give, touch with nose, touch with paw, stop (in mid run), off, up (onto chair or bed or other equipment), play dead, rest (chin lies on ground between front paws, get in your crate, take a bow, touch your nose to my foot, right circle, left circle, kick with front paw, fake karate moves called kung fu bear which is hilarious, show your belly, go outside, come, run away from me, go to the piece of paper and sit, wave, give kisses, go get your (insert toy name here), weave through legs, pull something out of my pocket, …..but can i get him to heal? NO, not without giving myself a headache.

  7. Checkers Says:

    I understand everything my owner says, but am selective as to what I respond to. Like “sit,” “out,” “in,” “hungry,” “down.” Makes things easier for my owner. Don’t want to tax his human brain too much!

  8. 4urpets Says:

    Goodbear…Cody bear is a genius! You should put him in the movies! Wow, I am really impressed!

    Checkers, my dogs are also selective, especially when I say, “Bye bye?” Jonesy and Tinky thinks they are going to the vet’s (because that’s where they always go when they go bye bye) and they run away from me. You see, they too are smarter than me.

  9. elizabethews Says:

    Many similarities in commands, but a few more for my pups:

    “In” – get in your little kennel.
    “Nose down!” – get your nose away from the counter/table/anywhere where it might get in our food.
    “Leave your cat alone!” – that’s self-explanitory
    “What’s this?” – pointing out that one of them has been in the trash…it always becomes quite evident which one it was because the big one doesn’t hide her guilt well.

  10. 4urpets Says:


    That’s funny. I also say, “What’s this, when they leave me a little brown “present” on the floor.

  11. Rusty Says:

    Hi! I thought it would be fun to make a list like my friends here did, so I did! It’s on my blog.

  12. jolynna Says:

    Sit: butt to the ground.

    Down: lie down

    Walk: barking and jumping frenzy and rush to the door.

    Want a cookie: barking frenzy

    Speak: Buster speaks, Abby doesn’t get it

    Shake: Buster shakes, Abby hides in the garage because she has been given a command she doesn’t understand

    Want to go to the garden: Abby prances and wags her tail, this is her special time with me
    I got him, Abby: DH is holding Buster’s head so she can grab her toy back

    No: Stop whatever you are doing
    Leave the cat alone: Buster is herding a cat to prevent the cat from coming into the room with his people

    Leave abby alone: Buster is giving Abby “the look” so she won’t enter the room with her people.

    Anybody heading for the laundry room to feed the cats means watch for when nobody is watching, push the bifold door open, run in the room, shove the cats away and eat all the cat food and make a retreat A.S.A.P.

    People going to bed: It is safe to get on the couches until you hear them getting up in the morning. They don’t think we notice the indentures and dog hair on the couches.

  13. jamesviscosi Says:

    Our three know, to varying degrees, “sit”, “down”, “wait”, “stay”, “watch”, “off” (comes in very handy when Tucker is trying to raid the countertop), “up”, “under”, “over”, “around”, “front”, “speak”, “come”, “kiss”, “go see”, “go get/bring”, and probably some other ones that I’m forgetting.

    They also know “dinner”, “treat”, “eat”, etc., but those aren’t commands; those are the things that their lives revolve around. 😉

    People who come over are often confused about the difference between “down” and “off”. We use “down” when we want them to lie down where they are, and “off” when we want them to get off of a piece of furniture, stop jumping on a person, or stop trying to steal the butter dish off the table.

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