“The Toy Box”

Every Wednesday Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer has a blog carnival about household tips. I am sure that I am the only one that participates in the carnival that has a blog about their Chihuahuas. Nevertheless, I love that blog and I want to participate. I don’t know how long I can participate because it it very difficult to give household tips about three Chihuahuas. But, here it goes….

Has anyone ever seen a toy box for dogs? Do toy boxes for dogs even exist? I have never seen one, and if they made them, they would cost more than I am willing to pay for them.

I have three Chihuahuas that just love to romp and play. Every time I turn around, I would find a chew toy, a bone, and a stuffed toy in every room in the house. Finally, I got tired of toys everywhere, and bought a simple basket to put their toys in. I leave the basket in the living room so they can get their toys out when they want to play. Yes, they do go to the toy box, pick out something and play with it when they want to. Now if I can teach them to put them away after they are done, I will be happy!

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8 Comments on “TOY BOX FOR DOGS”

  1. Catherine Says:

    We did the same things for our dog, but it has a lid on it and is an ugly black storage tub in our family room. I need to get something cute like yours.

  2. infinitygoods Says:

    That’s a great idea and I love baskets because they can be so decorative too and not look like clutter.

  3. Ames Says:

    I’ve never seen a toy box specifically for dogs, but boy do my two need one! Right now we keep their mountains (yes, mountains) of toys in two beat-up cardboard boxes which they also pick through when looking for something to do. I’m definitely going to replace the boxes with a basket too probably because anything with a lid would defeat the pups. And while I’m at it I may give away half of them…

    If you ever figure out how to get them to put away the toys, please let me know!

  4. Barbara Says:

    great idea. we do something similar. i went round the garden recently and found all the toys our dog had forgotten she had and put them in a basket outside the back door so she can get one out when she wants. we too are stuck on getting her to tidy them away as well!

  5. Rusty Says:

    My mom keeps my toys in a basket in the living room too! I can get them any time I want. The only thing is that sometimes the cats get in it. RUFF!

  6. Mercedes Says:

    I have a toy box for dogs. It cost me $10ish. I can’t remember where I got it.It is shaped like a bone and has a lid to match. The lid stays off! Patch can get the toys out-but I have to put them up-lol. Here is a site for one just like it:

  7. 4urpets Says:


    That toy box is adorable. I never knew they had toy boxes for dogs. But, my toy box cost around $5.00! 🙂

  8. wildlonewolf Says:

    [url=] HERE [/url] is the Toy Box my Mom made Max & I for all of our stuffies! Was a cheap wooden box that she decorated.

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