My dogs were about two years old when I had their Christmas pictures taken professionally and had them made into Christmas cards. They were really cute in a little basket with holly around the bottom and a little Christmas tree in the background. Since it was so costly, I thought I would try my hand at making my own Christmas Cards. Shoot, how hard could it be? The first year wasn’t so bad, although my cards came out a little fuzzy. The next year was even worse, but that didn’t stop me. Although they don’t turn out as good as the professional pictures, everyone in my family and friends get a Christmas card from me with Sissy and Jonesy on them. This year I will add Tinky. 

Everyone seems to overlook the red eye, or the fuzziness. They just get a laugh at Jonesy and Sissy who look like they are “deers in the headlights”. One of my nieces really loves animals and every year when the Christmas card arrives, she manages to wangle it in her room to post on her bulletin board.

Yeah, it wouldn’t be a Christmas without “crazy mom’s Christmas cards of the dogs”.  

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  1. Gina Says:

    Adorable as usual!

  2. rusty Says:

    Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog! I like your Christmas pictures, you are very dressed up and look cute. Last year my mom had my picture taken with Santa at the school where she teaches. The school was raising money for St. Jude’s and the money form these pictures went to that. I think she wants to do that again this year. Best wishes and hope the cards work out for you.

  3. corrinacorrina Says:

    Your doggies are adorable!

  4. I love professional pictures and have seen them, but can’t affort them. I take my own pictures of my pets. I just snap many pictures each session. What the heck, I don’t use film. Getting the dogs to pose, that’s a joke; but taking many pictures, sometimes one or two really come out good.

    You do have really cute dogs.

    4urpets says: Thank you, and you do as well. Although I take pictures with a little Kodak Easy Share. By looking at your pictures I’ll bet you have an expensive SLR. I don’t have many pictures of my dogs because I always get “green eyes” and my dogs look like they came straight out of Hades. 🙂

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