Deflated, Unstuffed Toys


When my dogs were puppies, I used to bring home a new stuffed squeaky toy at least once a week.  Jonesy, my male Chihuahua would get so excited that he would run around in circles and barked until I gave in to him and gave him the toy.  As soon as he got the new toy,  he attacked it with a vengeance and zeroed in on the squeaker. Minutes later, the stuffed squeaky toy was murdered, the stufing was all over the couch, and the squeaker was in Jonesy’s mouth.

This went on for months and months. Every time I brought a squeaky toy home, it was only minutes until the toy was nothing but a flat piece of fluffy cloth. One day I didn’t throw the “cloth” in the trash and left it where it was brutally attacked. I think it stayed in the same position for about a week before I thought about throwing it in the trash. When I picked it up, the dogs ears perked up and they wanted to play with this deflated, fluffy, used to be stuffed squeaky toy. I don’t think I have bought a squeaky toy in about 6 months. The dogs really enjoy playing tug of war with this “cloth”. Their tails wag, they bark, growl, and jump up to get this “thing”. I guess it makes no difference to them if the toy is fat or flat. It sure saves money when you don’t buy a stuffed squeaky toy every week.

Works for me!

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14 Comments on “DOGGY STUFFED TOYS”

  1. infinitygoods Says:

    Your little doggies sure have some cute tricks all the time. 🙂

  2. Linz Says:

    My dog actually got upset when my husband tried to throw away her old toy/cloth! She tried to get in the trashcan all day until I figured out it was in there. We haven’t thrown away one since. 🙂 Also, when she gets the squeaker out I hide it & squeak it later when she’s playing with the cloth. It freaks her out at first but she loves looking for the squeaker. 🙂

  3. 4urpets Says:

    Goes to show you that animals don’t need all the things we think they do.

  4. puppymom Says:

    my two puppies think that cardboard paper towel tubes are the best toys ever! i save them and bring them out as a toy reward… they think i am the bestest puppymom of all time!

  5. Jason Adams Says:

    We have a bunch of those deflated things lying around our place too. I think one is getting pretty close to being two years old now, but they still play with that mutilated scrap of cloth. You can’t even tell what it was anymore.

  6. My Dr.Sister’s dogs do the same thing! Once they get the squeaker out they lose interest. Too funny!

  7. Melissa Says:

    We had a dog that we couldn’t keep in toys. Even the indestructible ones were destroyed…except fo the thick rope! She loved that! Could have saved myself a bunch of money!

    Good luck with your recipes for gifts! Another nice feature of it being on CD, is they can either leave them there, or they can download them to their computer. Then they can add on to what you started them with or they can tweak recipes you have given them if they like. It really makes it all soooo simple:)

  8. Lissa Says:

    I read somewhere that squeakers bring out the predatory instincts in dogs. It turn on the kill switch and they’ll instantly destroy the toys to get at the squeakers. Guess that proves it true! LOL!

  9. Gina Says:

    One of my dogs takes his toys out the doggy door and leaves them in the yard. My brother’s Rottweiler does the same exact thing with his squeaky toys as yours do. I ALWAYS buy my dogs a Christmas present and wrap it–even just a bag of dog treats.

  10. Laane Says:

    Awww. I know a dog that’s afraid of toys that make noise.

    Feel welcome to visit my site

    Laane on the World

    Have a great day!

  11. Checkers Says:

    I have got to tell my owner. He just threw away a ripped plush candy cane yesterday!

  12. 4urpets Says:

    Checkers, if you love to play “tug of war” then have them get that thing out of the trash!

  13. Whenever we go to Walmart we always but two or three of the squeeky toys by the check out counter. When we get home we let our dogs outside to do their business and while they are out we put the toys in their toy basket. When we let the mutts back in they go straight to the basket. We just love it.

    Yes we let the deflated toys ride for sometime as well. Moppet always trys to take one outside when we let them out. We always have to tell Moppet, “Drop the toy Moppet.” He will. They have plenty of toys outside for we do let Moppet slip out with a toy from time to time.

  14. Maggie Says:

    That Is so funny! My dogs always do that. I think that is a great idea! Next time I buy a toy for my dogs I’ll think twice before i throw it away!

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