Earlier this year I had my entire back yard landscaped, new sprinkler system put in and new malibu lights installed. The whole nine yards. The landscapers must have been there for three weeks, what seems like night and day.

From time to time, I have a bad habit of leaving my clothes on the floor. Well, Tinky my youngest dog, loves to take my shoes from one place to the next so she can sit in peace and lick them until the leather comes off. One day when I wasn’t paying much attention,  she went into the bathroom, stole my bra and proceeded to take it outside and plop it right in front of the workers.

I was so embarrassed! I couldn’t go out there and retrieve that thing, and Tinky wasn’t smart enough to pick it up and bring it back to me. I just sat in the den all day long and waited until the workers left for the day before I could retrieve the bra from the back yard.

Do you have a funny dog or cat, or even ferret or a hampster?I bet you have a great story that you would like to share. How about it?

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  1. Sugar, the Oklahoma Mudpuppy, Moppet, and Benjamin were all three on a stoll. I enjoyed taking them across this vacant field so they could sniff and do their doggie business. It was a huge unattended field. However, on this day an old wrinkled feeble lady marched out from some nearby trees. She went about informing me this was private property and yada yada and on and on. While she was doing all this talking. Sugar twirled around and found the perfect spot and took a dump while stairing at the lady on this private property. I swear fire was flying from the womans eyes. I had no idea there was a house past those trees. What could I do?

    We have never crossed that field again.

    4urpets says: I hope you picked it up. 🙂
    I think that was more of an embarrasing moment than mine was. At least I didn’t have to look anyone in the eye.

  2. Mercedes Says:

    Oh my goodness! ROFL!

    Years ago, Patch rode in the back of the truck to Wal-Mart. We went on (ex and I) and ex went one way to grab a few things and I went another way. I ran into a lady I knew and proceeded to chat. I looked up and saw Patch headed right for me. I told the lady by and ex was walking up. We didn’t say anything as I handed him my purchases and continued out the door with Patch. A man in the car beside us said sorry I couldn’t help but I am handicapped and couldn’t get out of the car. Anywho~Patch wanted to follow us and went to the doors~which automatically open and he found his mommy immediately.

    Another time we went to Wal-mart~thinking Patch would stay in the truck (he always did before) and we were shopping. A lady came over the PA system and said “Will the owner of a dalmatian please come to the service desk”? Great! I went there and guess who was there~Patch! I proceeded to take him out-again and the lady greeter stopped me and asked if that was my dog…like I needed to show a proof of receipt or something!

    Needless to say, Patch didn’t get to go to Wal-Mart anymore!


    Those are really funny stories. Looks like Patch is his own “person”. I would love to have you write a post on that and share it with eveyone.


  3. deesdogcare Says:

    I don’t have time to right much right now, but I am trying to figure out how to save this so that I can get back to it again. I hope that leaving this comment helps me do that!

  4. Erin Craig Says:

    Oh my! And I thought Chloe was good at embarassing us. Tinky has her beat!

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