Jonesy was a rescue dog, which my son and I  adopted  on December 24, 2000. The adoption center made us promise to keep his name, so that spared me the anquish of trying to find a name befitting the cutest little Chihuahua anyone could ever have.  He also looked like a “Jonesy”. Of course Noel would have been a cute name for him too, but Jonesy it was!



About six months later, I got my second Chihuahua. She was the cutest little fur ball you could ever imagine. I didn’t have a name for her, but I had to think of one fast as she had an appointment with the vet and I didn’t want to just call her “Dog”. I wanted a name a Chihuahua would be proud of! I thought about Canela which means “cinnamon”, and Chiquita, which means “little”. I called her both names for a week. Finally when I got her to the vet’s, I penned her name as Chiquita. About a month later I kept calling her Sissy. After all, she was part of my family and she was Jonesy’s little “sister”.

Five years later, I got “Tinky”. Her name wasn’t that difficult to think of. I thought of that name the minute I saw her picture when she was about three weeks old.  I named her Tinky because she looked like a little stinker, a little trouble maker, and Tinky is short for “stinky”.

So, tell me what you named any of your dogs, and why. I bet there are some pretty funny  answers out there.

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8 Comments on “WHAT’S IN A NAME?”

  1. Gina Says:

    Our Chihuahua is named Tuffy. It fits because he thinks he is so tough but he is really a little wimp. He howls if we leave him alone in a room or if he has to go to the vet. Your dog is adorable.
    Gina from Memphis

  2. 4urpets Says:

    Tuffy! I can see it now…a three pound Chihuahua named Tuffy. That is the cutest name ever. If the picture to the right of your comment is Tuffy, he is really cute.

  3. infinitygoods Says:

    My mother-in-law named her Golden Retriever Dee’s Golden Rocket. Dee: her name; Golden: Retriever; Rocket: because she saw him on the 4th of July and he was running as fast as a rocket. He was the fastest of all the dogs at the breeder. She nicknamed him Rocky (the boxer) and liked to make this sweet dog wear a spiked collar. It was not at all his personality. We didn’t want to rename him when we inherited him and didn’t want to confuse him, but we slowly started calling him Rock because it seemed more fitting. He was as handsome as Rock Hudson, his health and fitness were rock-solid and he was loyal and faithful. He was poisoned during the pet food recalls in January and we miss him very much. Beware of commercial pet foods!

    Will you take a cat name? We named our Siamese, Pumpkin Pie. We didn’t mean to and of course he was not orange. We did not even get him around Thanksgiving. We just called him sweet names while we were trying to come up with a name, but this incredibly smart kitten (the smartest cat we ever had — and we’ve had lots), responded to Pumpkin Pie, or Pumpkin for short, from the very beginning and refused to adopt any other name we came up with.

  4. Checkers Says:

    My owner says my breeder named me Checkers after Chubby Checker because I was such a pudgy pup. I also understand Checkers is some kind of highly complicated board game.

  5. puppymom Says:

    We had a dog growing up named Pechu. My mom will tell you we named her that “because she peed and she chewed”, but that’s just a joke. She was a mutt – looked like a golden retriever, but she had a little feisty streak in her. We got her when she was a little puppy, and I wanted to name her Peanut because she looked like a giant peanut. My dad said that she wouldn’t look like a peanut when she got big, and he wanted to name her Fu Manchu because she had a streak of black fur on either side of her mouth, like a little Fu Manchu mustache. But I wouldn’t let him name her that because she was a girl dog. So, we compromised and named her Pechu.

    My best friend has two calico cats, named Pumpkin and Meathead. I don’t know why they’re named that, but I think they’re very cute!

  6. 4urpets Says:

    All of those are great names! And really good reasons for naming them. Cats included. Thank goodness my mom didn’t look at me when I was born and try to figure out a name for me by the way I looked or acted. She would have called me “Brat”. 🙂

  7. Ter Says:

    My pup’s name is Emma. Emma means “Healer of the Universe” and I had (have) hopes that she will heal my universe, just a little bit.

  8. sweetsophy Says:

    You’ve met them, on my SweetSophy blog, Sophy and Petey. We were throwing out names one day for Sophy, my daughter and I, when I looked at her and called her Sophy. My daughter said “Thats it” but we must spell it with a “y” not “”ie”. On her papers she is “Sweet Sophy Li”, sweet speaks for itself and she lives up to that name. And the Li is after her momma. When I snuggle with Soph I call her “boo” cuz she is my little boo boo bear.

    Petey on the other hand was more of a challenge to name. We could not agree on a name for him and tried many out. My daughter was pusing to call him Fritz but he just didn’t look like one. When we got him he loved to tear around the house and run really fast even as just a little guy. He still does. I started calling him “Pistol Pete”, he was a very engertic puppy. That name soon got shortened to Petey and he answered to it right away. Now his full name is Petey Boy but we like to call him Petey Pie cuz he is sweet as pie. When he comes running up to greet you he prances so I also call him “Happy Feet Pete”.

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