About 5 months after I got Jonesy, my first Chihuahua, I started to feel sorry for this little bitty guy, all alone in this big old house with nothing to do but poop, pee, chew on his toys and sleep all day while I was at work. I just knew he was lonely and needed a companion. 

So, I decided to get dog #2, a cute little female Chihuahua. Having 2 dogs was not going to be that difficult. What was one more dog to feed and clean up after? I named dog #2 Sissy. At first her name was Chiquita (a name fitting a Chihuahua), but I kept calling her Sissy. After all, she was a part of our family. My grown daughter thought I named Sissy after her, and no matter what I say, you can’t convince her that I didn’t.

 Then my biological clock was ticking away, and I had another motherly urge to get another dog! For what reason? I had none. Tinky, a female and dog #3 came 5 years later. Great! Now I have to figure out how to juggle three dogs with only two hands and  one lap. That one extra dog pushed me over the edge.  What was I thinking?

Now when I am out of the house, or in another room, they conspire against me, and I am convinced that Tinky is their leader! I know it’s her because these things didn’t happen before she came.  I know it was Tinky who convinced them to bring in a dead robin and plop it on my living room floor. I know it is Tinky who goes in the bathroom the nano second I leave the door open, and gets into the trash and strews it all over the floor all the way into the living room. I also know it’s Tinky who poops under the bed when I am not looking. I know it’s Tinky who chews on Sissy’s collar (we’re up to collar #3), and no one else but Tinky is on top of the kitchen table. 

I would really love to have either a long haired Chihuahua, or a little teeny weeny tea cup Chihuahua just to round out my family. I made my children promise to put me in a home if they had the slightest hint that I was thinking about getting another dog.

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3 Comments on “AM I AN ANIMAL HOARDER?”

  1. infinitygoods Says:

    Tinky sounds like she has quite a personality. Is she a Chihuahua too?

  2. puppymom Says:

    I can totally relate. Last night I told my husband that maybe in a year or so I want a little lap dog puppy… he looked at me like I had three heads 🙂

  3. 4urpets Says:

    Yes, Tinky is a Chihuahua. A very naughty one at that.

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