Dog Star Brewing Company makes beer for dogs called Happy Tail Ale. Their first recipe consisted of soda water, yellow food coloring and beef bouillon cubes. That soon “fizzled” when the mix of soda water and bouillon erupted like a volcano. They soon came up with a formula without alcohol, carbonation, or hops. Their recipe now consists of water, malted barley, glucosamine, vitamin E, and natural beef drippings for flavor.

Kwispelbier is also a non-alcoholic “beer” for dogs created by a pet shop owner in the Dutch town of Zelhem. It is also made from beef extract and malt, and is advertised as “a beer for you and your best friend. Kwispel is the Dutch word for wagging a tail.

Both Dog Star Brewing Company and Kwispelbier boasts that their beer is fit for human consumption. A bottle of Kwispelbier is about four times more expensive than a Heineken.

There are also fine wines for your canine or feline. Now you can have a glass of your favorite wine and treat your dog or cat to a bowl of Barkundy, Sauvignon Bark, Pinot Leasheo, or Meowlot from Bark Vineyard.

Just to clear things up, it’s not really a wine, but a premium au-jus bottled to be poured over your four-legged friend’s dinner. Although it is created for canines and felines, it is also fit for human consumption.

So next time you feel in the mood, sit back, relax and share some suds with your buddy. Now that’s what I call the hair of the dog. Next stop….Doggy AA.

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  1. puppymom Says:

    hahaha! too funny!

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