It’s time to get up. I nudge my dogs and say, “Okay Jonesy, Sissy, and  Tinky, it’s time to get up! Are you guys hungry? You want some breakfast?” All the while I am incessently rambling, this is what my dogs really hear, “Bla Jonesy, Sissy, Tinky, bla bla bla bla bla! Bla bla bla bla? Bla bla bla bla?”

Although dogs can understand a few words, rambling on and on means nothing to them.  Then how do they communicate? By your body language, and their body language. Although certain body language is specific to the dog, a few signals are more or less universal.  Of course you know if a dog is excited, he will be wagging his tail, and prances and jumps around. Jonesy like to run around in circles and Tinky gets air borne and jumps in the air. A dog that is afraid, is cowering in the corner (Jonesy does that a lot too). Here are a few more common canine body language and their meanings:

  • Raised paw: No, it’s not a “Gimme Five” type of raised paw. A dog who raises a paw with a bent foreleg is showing submission.
  • Play bow: They have their rear end up, front down, and tail wagging means “I want to play.” Tinky does this and just to make sure that she has my attention, she barks.
  • Rolling over: The dog is being submissive and letting you know you are the “Alpha Dog”. Or if the dog is contented, it will also roll over when it is happy and wants their tummy rubbed. Sissy is the “Queen of Wanting Her Tummy Rubbed”.
  • Tail between legs and ears back. The dog is feeling apprehensive.
  • Frontal approach: A dog standing still facing another dog or person with direct eye contact, hackles raised, and ears and tail up indicates dominance, a sign of aggression, or imminent attack. when you see this, it is time to get the heck out of there!
  • Ears perked up: The dog is alert for some reason. I get my dogs ears up by bringing out the “cookies”, the leash, one of their stuffed toys, or a new bone to chew on. And I don’t utter a word.
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2 Comments on “WHAT DID FIDO JUST SAY?”

  1. puppymom Says:

    What great information. I always find it fascinating watching my dogs “talk” to each other… and to us. 🙂

  2. 4urpets Says:

    Glad you enjoyed my blog. Stop by anytime and say, “Hi.”

    I drop by yours from time to time.

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