The Scottish Terrier ( also known by many different names; the Highland, the Cairn, Diehard, the Aberdeen Terrier, and most often the Scottie), originated in Scotland.  The first written records about a dog of similar description to the Scottish Terrier dates from 1436. The Scottie ranges from 10 to 11 inches in height, and weighs from 19 to 23 pounds. They have a hard and wiry outer coat and a soft and short undercoat. Their colors are typically black, wheaten, dark gray, and brindle. 

The Scottish Terrier is a sturdy, strong, compact, small dog breed with short legs and erect ears. It’s expression is augmented by its distinctive beard and eyebrows. The “Scottie” is a loyal dog to its owners and loves to be pampered.

Their temperament is that of a self-assured, feisty, intelligent, playful, and alert dog breed that makes a good watch dog. Loyal with their owners, the Scottish Terrier may be aloof with strangers and aggressive with other dogs. Scottish Terriers will do well in an apartment as long as they get sufficient amounts of exercise. 

The expected life span of the Scottish Terrier is 11-13 years. They are susceptible to flea allergy, Von Willebrand’s disease and skin problems.

The Scottie is the only breed of dog that has lived in the White House three times. President Franklin D. Roosevelt owned a Scottie named Fala, and President George W. Bush has owned two Scotties named Barney and Miss Beazley.

The Scottish Terrier is in the AKC Group, “Terrier”.

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