Every once in awhile, I run into something too cute not to share with others.  


O Lord don’t let me once forget

How I love my trusty pet.

Help me learn to disregard

Canine craters in my yard.

Show me how to be a buddy

Even when my sofa’s muddy.

Don’t allow my pooch to munch

Postal carriers for lunch.

Shield my neighor’s cat from view –

Guide my steps around the doo.

Train me not to curse and scowl

When it’s puppy’s night to howl.

Grant I shant awake in fear

With a cold nose in my ear.

Give me patience without end –

Help me be “A Dog’s Best Friend!”

~ Author Unknown ~

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One Comment on “DOG OWNERS PRAYER”

  1. P.S. Gifford Says:

    Goodbye is the hardest word to say.

    By P.S. Gifford

    How often we just take for granted-

    indeed how frequently do we forget,

    just how special and rewarding

    is the unconditional love of a pet.

    Those little four legged critters,

    we adopt into our own household,

    just how much contentment they bring

    could never ever truly be fully told…

    As I sit here my beloved Tasha,

    lies quietly resting upon my feet,

    she is the most beautifully spirited dog,

    you could ever have the pleasure to meet.

    She has been my sweet loving girl,

    for going on six blessed years,

    I could never express all she means to me,

    The mere thought of it brings me to tears.

    For I rescued her just six years ago,

    She was homeless and struggling for life.

    Tasha had suffered from lack of care-

    and it was simply mutual love at first sight.

    For she is starting now to get older,

    each day she’s a little more tired,

    I find it hard to conjure the words,

    but for my heart’s sake I know they’re required.

    For each day she is growing weaker,

    her life-energy is starting to wane.

    and I know that life without her,

    simply will never be quite the same.

    The vet says it’s just old age,

    for she is getting close to eleven,

    that soon she must leave my side,

    to wait patiently for me in heaven.

    But ol’ girl I’ll never forget the,

    you have made me the man that I am.

    And for your last weeks beside me,

    I will comfort you the best that I can.

    For I know that your work is complete

    And to the rainbow bridge you must go,

    but the magical memories in your wake,

    must be stronger than my grief and sorrow.

    For you’ll live on in my heart for always,

    I will treasure your memory so true,

    For dear Tasha know this for always,

    how incredibly much we love you…

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