When I first got Sissy, she was the cutest little fur ball you could ever imagine. I always wanted a Chihuahua and she was perfect in every way. It was only after she got spayed that she started putting on a few pounds.

Of course, everyone in our family thought Sissy was wonderful. She had a small under bite that made her tongue stick out a little and she was even cuter with her little pudgy tummy. My daughter would say, “Mom, Sissy is not fat, she is just big bone ded.”

I taught Sissy to roll over on her back when I commanded , “Let me see that tummy, Sissy.” No matter where she was, or what she was doing, she would flop over on her back so she could get her tummy rubbed. Her tummy got so fat that my son referred to her tummy as a “football”. He would hold her up, tummy facing toward us, and say, “This is not a tummy, it’s a football.” By golly, it did look like a football.

Sissy is 7 years old now, and has some grey on her fur. She is still a cute, smart Chihuahua, but she weighs 15 pounds! I have tried putting her on a diet several times, but all attempts have failed. Having two other Chihuahuas, she always seemed to mange to finish off their food the minute I wasn’t looking. She would lick her bowl even though there was nothing there, and the hardest on me was when I sat down to eat, I could not look at her as I knew that she would be sitting patiently in my view staring a hole in me with those pathetic eyes and a “hungry” look on her face. That was her “job”. The minute I looked at her, I felt so sorry for her, and I had to feed her table scraps. After all, she was starving.

One day, I noticed that Sissy couldn’t get up on the couch. Now matter how hard I tried to coax her, she was just too fat to leap up there. “Okay”, I said to myself, “This time I am going to put Sissy on a diet, and I am sticking to it!” I have come to the realization that in order to be successful and stick to a plan and get your animal back to a healthy weight, there are several things that I must do. I have learned this the hard way and I would like to pass these along to you.

  1. Sissy can’t open the refrigerator, but she can get into the waste basket for tidbits. She stands on her back feet with nose in the air and picks out exactly what she wants from the waste basket (she’s a neat little doggy). Keep the waste basket out of sight!
  2. You don’t need to buy special low calorie weight loss prescription dog food at your vet’s . Just don’t feed them as much food! You may want to start with 3/4 of the amount you normally feed.
  3. Increase your dog’s activity by walking. If you are unable to go walking with your dog, then get out the Frisbee, the ball, or the stuffed toy for a fun playtime. They will get plenty of exercise by playing.
  4. Stop giving your dog high caloric treats, doggy biscuits, or tidbits underneath the kitchen table. Dog’s should have treats, so I asked Sissy’s vet what treats would be good for her. The vet told me that I can give Sissy frozen green beans, pieces of carrots, and pieces of bell pepper. Sometimes I give her a few pieces of her regular kibble as a treat.  I get out the kibble and make her “speak” for the “treat”. She doesn’t even know the difference. She is happy to get the “treat”. Fresh or frozen vegetables are better for our pet as they do not contain salt. Sissy thinks that ice cubes are the greatest thing since sliced bread! Sometimes I put frozen green beans in her kibble. I do this mainly for me because I don’t think I am starving her (which eases my guilt). Now her bowl looks full and she doesn’t get the extra calories.
  5. If your pet is obese, you may want to take them to your vet for a check up first, and have your vet recommend a diet to fit your pets needs. 

 hope this is of some help to you. If anyone has any ideas, comments, or suggestion on doggy diets, I welcome them.

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2 Comments on “FAT DOG”

  1. […] Sissy can devour her food in one gulp, and is finished way before the other two. When she is finished, she patiently sits on her haunches and waits for one of them to leave their bowl. She sloooowly ”sneaks” over to the bowl as if she was a cat stalking it’s prey, and cleans out what is left over in the other bowl. If I don’t watch Sissy, she will blow up like a balloon (read my blog “FAT DOG”). […]

  2. sansoucy Says:

    Lol, lol, well written, sounds like some of the same problems my Leita has. . .I think she needs to go on a major diet soon, she looks like s fat sausage looking down on her. 🙂

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