Jonesy is an anxious, nervous little guy, and the most “needy” of my pets. When my son was at the animal rescue, he spotted 4 tiny little puppies in a box. Three of them were scampering around and were trying to get out of the box to greet my son. Then there was Jonesy in the corner all by himself and “shaking in his boots”.  “I want that one”, my son said, and Jonesy came home to stay.

Jonesy is a little different from my other two dogs. He doesn’t like going outside, and is perfectly comfortable to never step foot on the floor. The couch and my lap are his domain! When someone comes to the door, the other dogs run to the door and bark as as if to say,  “Just try to step one foot in this house”. Not Jonesy, he’s in the bedroom howling away.  He lets you know someone is there, but he does it from afar.

Yes, he is a nervous little guy, and one thing I can do that gives him a little break is to give him a massage! Yes…a massage. No, I don’t put him up on one of those big tables with the hole in it for the head to rest on, or rub warm rocks or oil on him. He just lies down on his back next to me while I am on the couch. His paws are drawn up to his chest and he gently nudges my hand until I give in and he gets his way. At first I thought it was comical, but it didn’t take long before I realized that I was being manipulated by a little 6 pound Chihuahua!

I just start petting him behind his ears, I massage his head, neck and back. When I get to his legs, he stretches them as far as he can. It’s really funny to see a little dog with his eyes shut, his head back as far as it will go,  and all stretched out on the couch. 

 Even though I know I am being taken advantage of, I justify this by telling myself that this is a good way for me to check him for any lumps, bumps or cuts without any resistance from him. I’m not as dumb as Jonesy thinks I am.

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  1. infinitygoods Says:


    Good advice.

  2. 4urpets Says:

    If you have a dog, you must try it. Glad you enjoyed my blog.

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