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November 30, 2007

Today is a “slow news day” and I have writer’s block. So instead of trying to think of something cute to write about my dogs, I decided to write a little trivia about dogs. Here goes…..

The top 10 dogs’ names in the United States are:

Max, Buddy, Maggie, Molly, Jake, Bailey, Lucy, Daisy, Lucky and Sadie.

I didn’t make up this list! I think they should add the names Jonesy, Sissy or Tinky!

The top 10 Dog Breeds in the United States are:

Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Dachshund, Beagle, Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua,  Boxer, and Shih Tsu.

Woohoo, the Chihuahua is number 8!  Can you guess I have Chihuahuas?

I have a co-worker that has a Beagel named Lucy! She hit the jackpot!



In 1819, Rev. John “Jack” Russell, a parson and hunting enthusiast, pursuaded a milkman to sell him a distinctive looking dog and which he named Trump. Russell later became Curate of Swimbridge near Barnstaple, Devon, UK, where he devoted himself to breeding a type of fox terrier with short legs and a short white, black, and tan coat. This dog had high stamina for the hunt as well as courage to chase out foxes that have gone to ground. These dogs are today knows in his honor as Jack Russell terriers.



November 29, 2007


My dogs were about two years old when I had their Christmas pictures taken professionally and had them made into Christmas cards. They were really cute in a little basket with holly around the bottom and a little Christmas tree in the background. Since it was so costly, I thought I would try my hand at making my own Christmas Cards. Shoot, how hard could it be? The first year wasn’t so bad, although my cards came out a little fuzzy. The next year was even worse, but that didn’t stop me. Although they don’t turn out as good as the professional pictures, everyone in my family and friends get a Christmas card from me with Sissy and Jonesy on them. This year I will add Tinky. 

Everyone seems to overlook the red eye, or the fuzziness. They just get a laugh at Jonesy and Sissy who look like they are “deers in the headlights”. One of my nieces really loves animals and every year when the Christmas card arrives, she manages to wangle it in her room to post on her bulletin board.

Yeah, it wouldn’t be a Christmas without “crazy mom’s Christmas cards of the dogs”.  


November 28, 2007



Deflated, Unstuffed Toys


When my dogs were puppies, I used to bring home a new stuffed squeaky toy at least once a week.  Jonesy, my male Chihuahua would get so excited that he would run around in circles and barked until I gave in to him and gave him the toy.  As soon as he got the new toy,  he attacked it with a vengeance and zeroed in on the squeaker. Minutes later, the stuffed squeaky toy was murdered, the stufing was all over the couch, and the squeaker was in Jonesy’s mouth.

This went on for months and months. Every time I brought a squeaky toy home, it was only minutes until the toy was nothing but a flat piece of fluffy cloth. One day I didn’t throw the “cloth” in the trash and left it where it was brutally attacked. I think it stayed in the same position for about a week before I thought about throwing it in the trash. When I picked it up, the dogs ears perked up and they wanted to play with this deflated, fluffy, used to be stuffed squeaky toy. I don’t think I have bought a squeaky toy in about 6 months. The dogs really enjoy playing tug of war with this “cloth”. Their tails wag, they bark, growl, and jump up to get this “thing”. I guess it makes no difference to them if the toy is fat or flat. It sure saves money when you don’t buy a stuffed squeaky toy every week.

Works for me!

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November 27, 2007

Every  year I manage to put a little present under the tree for my dogs. I always get each one of them a little stocking full of doggy goodies. Forty- two percent of cat owners and fifty-six percent of dog owners bought holiday gifts for their pets last year according to a survey the American Pet products Manufacturers Association.

For the pooch who has everything you can get them a stocking full of treats, mohair sweaters, fur trimmed parkas and hiking boots, a set of pearls with a sterling silver bone clasp, organic cookies, doggy basketball jerseys and jackets, temperature-controlled pet carriers and cashmere pet beds.

I think Tinky and Sissy would look cute with a strand of pearls around their neck. I won’t tell them they are not real. 

Do you ever have a gift under the tree for your pets, or are you going to have one for them this year? I’d like to hear about it.


November 26, 2007


Brandy, a 12 year old Boxer may have the longest tongue in the world. As it stands it looks like she may just beat out Gene Simmons, the lead singer for the heavy metal band KISS.

When she appreared on Ripley’s Believe it Or Not, the crew taped her eating pudding from a bowl placed 13 inches away.

John Scheid from St Clair Shore, Michigan brought Brandy home in 1995. The breeder told him that Brandy would grow into her long tongue. That was an understatement because the entire tongue still doesn’t  fit into Brandy’s mouth. Even though Brandy’s tongue is long, she is a healthy dog.

Do you want to know what I think? Brandy’s tongue got caught in a taffy puller when she was a puppy. What do you think?


November 22, 2007


Jonesy, Sissy, Tinky and I are taking the day off. We are going to stuff ourself with Turkey. We hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving.


November 21, 2007


With three dogs in the house, I wait until I can’t stand the smell anymore before I give them a bath.  Where is the shampoo? Is it under the kitchen sink, or the bathroom sink? Gotta find the ear wash. I look in the bathroom drawer and finally found it in the kitchen drawer. Where are the clippers? Oh no, I found the brush behind the couch! By the time I find everything, I am not in the mood for bath time, which is alright with them.I finally solved that problem last month and I bought a nice plastic container that was big enough to hold all their grooming and bath supplies.  Now I have everything in one place! You would be surprised to see all the “stuff” my dogs have. Shampoo, ear cleaner (and don’t forget the stuff you put in their ears to dry them), clippers, tooth brushes, tooth paste, doggy cologne, flea powder and flea applications, and last but not least, the dog brush. Yes, they fit in that neat little plastic box!I can’t wait for their next bath. I know this little idea will save me a lot of time and frustration.

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