This is Sissy in her Devil Hat 

A few years ago I had to make a very difficult decision, and with much contemplation I decided that even though there will be a lot of sulking, I was doing the right thing. My dogs will be a devil and a witch for Halloween.

The thing is, WalMart had these adorable little Halloween hats for dogs and I couldn’t resist buying them. I knew my dogs would really look fabulous in them.

I’d like to think that if my dogs were able to trick or treat, the neighbors would think I was the perfect pooch parent. Or does the world frown on dogs trick or treating? It’s okay for humans to dress up and dogs or cats and beg for candy.

I did have second thoughts about this whole thing, when it occurred to me that not too long ago, when I was a child, we had a dog that was just a dog. We fed her nothing but table scraps (what was premium dog food?), she roamed the neighborhood and had puppies every 6 months. What did we know?

The market for pet pampering has grown tremendously in the last decade, and we don’t mind spending our cash to purchase the latest trendy pet item so we can be the first in the neighborhood to get Snoopy a “Baby Phat Hoodie”, or a “Martha Stewart Doggy Dish”. I’m waiting for them to come out with doggy maternity clothes for the expectant mutt. Now, your precious little one has their own TV, designer clothes, and jewelry to put on their collars. What’s wrong with that?

You should see what I dressed them as on Christmas! Have you ever seen a Rabbi Chihuahua?

No, I’m not crazy.

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  1. Quote, “I’m waiting for them to come out with doggy maternity clothes for the expectant mutt.”

    Now that would be a sight. I could just see the reaction on peoples faces as they watch the Diva Mutt.

    4urpets say: That would be funny, but the tummy would probably drag the ground.

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