Charlotte was a year old when she showed up on the porch of a St Louis woman’s home. Her eyes were swollen shut, her throat was nearly swollen shut, and her head was swollen three to four times it’s normal size. Her breathing was shallow and she had bite marks on her head and legs.

The woman called the Humane Society of Missouri and told them that she had some sort of weird animal on her porch and it was scaring her. The “animal” was an emaciated 4 pound Chihuahua. She was in such grave condition that the Humane Society transferred her to an emergency animal clinic for care.

When she arrived at the emergency animal clinic, they cut off a plastic zip tie that was implanted in her neck. The plastic zip tie was cutting off her air and caused her head to expand. Upon thorough examination, they found that she was also emaciated, had heart worms, and had a heart murmur.

Charlotte’s health was touch and go for the next eight weeks. In time she was well enough to stay with Human Society education specialist JoEllyn Klepacki. Five months after Charlotte was rescued, she was put up for adoption. Three hundred people applied to adopt Charlotte because of all the exposure from the publicity that surrounded the rescue.

Soon after Charlotte was adopted, she was returned to the Humane Society because her adopted home had a very active Rottweiler who was over playful with Charlotte. JoEllyn Klepacki decided to keep Charlotte for herself.

She is perfectly healthy now, with just a slight heart murmur that doesn’t bother her. Charlotte is now a humane educator along with her friend Yoda, an 11-year old Australian cattle dog mix. They help to educate students about animal abuse and science careers.

Animals have a lesson to teach us all, and Charlotte is helping us to get that message about the importance of treating animals well.

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  1. melissa Says:

    hello my name is melissa
    my dog just got swollen eyes.
    I got scared got her to the vet and they said it must be a allerget reation but they are given you meds and it seems not to be working.. her face is a bit swollen and iam just getting scared she wont make it,, iam prying and hoping..
    her eyes are swollen shut
    It is like her eyes are white.
    how many days did it take for her to be ok ?
    they have her in the hospital and taken test

  2. 4urpets Says:

    I hope they find out what is making your dog swell up and Im hoping for a speedy recovery. Keep me posted.

  3. Cindy Says:

    I wonder how the chihuahua ended up on JoEllyn Klepacki’s porch, but she was lucky to find this woman. I’m glad JoEllyn ended up keeping the chihuahua, it was fate at work. Stories like these, as horrible as they may be, gives me hope that there are good endings out there and kind-hearted people who will do the right thing. I don’t know what drives people to abuse their animals, but they should be punished by law just as any other abusers.

    Cindy :: Tips and Answers for the Chihuahua owner

  4. Daniel Says:

    What kills me is that over 300 people applied to keep Charlotte and YET they adopt her put to a home with a Rotweiller!?!@#?

    Bless her heart…people suck!

    • Melissa Says:

      Daniel, you just took the only thought I had about this situation out of my mouth. Unbelievable.

      Yes, people do suck.

  5. FishStikks Says:

    I’m so very grateful this horrible story had a very happy ending!

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