When I got my little Chihuahua puppy, she looked purebred. I got her from my gardener who had a friend that had Chihuahua puppies. Of course she didn’t have papers so I got her at a “steal” (that will tell you something). In going to the vet’s, I put her down as a Chihuahua, and when anyone asked me about her breed, I would proudly announce that she was a Chihuahua.

When she got older, I noticed that her tail curled slightly, she had a small under bite that made her tongue stick out, and her physique wasn’t quite like a Chihuahua’s should be. I heard that Chihuahuas do get fat if they are overfed, and maybe she had some little genetic thing going on with that under bit and the curly tail. It didn’t matter to me, I still loved her and you couldn’t give me a million dollars for her.

Now I read that there are companies that offer genetic test kits that will provide pet owners with information on their dog’s ancestry and breed. The kits contain a consent form, mouth swabs with step by step cheek swab instructions! You will receive the results of your dog’s DNA test within six to nine weeks.

Now, I have several issues with this Doggy DNA thing…A consent form? For a dog? I would think the only consent form that they would need would be in the form of your check for payment for the genetic test!

Why would you want to get DNA testing done on your dog? The only thing that I think it would be good for would be to prove that your dog’s DNA matched the father’s DNA so you could sue for puppy support!

But, the real reason I don’t believe in Doggy DNA would be that my beautiful precious Chihuahua might be a Chowhuahua, or maybe even a Pughuahua. Would it make any difference to me if she were a pure or mixed breed? Not in the slightest! But, I think it may be somewhat of a traumatic experience for my precious Chihuahua if she were to find out that I have lied to her all these years.

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3 Comments on “DOGGY DNA?”

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  2. hammy116 Says:

    Hey – pretty funny stuff. Thanks for the comment on my blog…you were my first official commenter, making me feel somewhat “official.” LOL! That is a cute story about your Chihuahua…and, hell, if she is a Pughuahua then that just means she’s a little chubby, feisty love machine. 🙂

    I look forward to reading more about your pets. Thanks again! Take care of your “HUHhuahua.” Heh. I was thinking…if she was half pug, would that make her a “Pug Ha Ha.” 😛 J/K. Cheesy Joke. Okay, I’m done…for real. 🙂


    She is a chubby feisty love machine (even though she is spayed). How did you know?

  3. […]  1. I have been lying to Sissy all these years. She thinks she is a Chihuahua. […]

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