I read an article in the Simi Valley Acorn the other day where the Ventura County Sheriff’s Foundation donated funds to purchase a K9 police dog to help detect drugs in jail facilities.

Ghera, a female Labrador retriever, was purchased in June and went into action in July. Her handler is Deputy Charles McDonald. McDonald and Ghera went through 120 hours of training together before starting their assignment.

The K9 officer was needed to help prevent drugs from being smuggled into the jail system since a recent court decision has restricted strip searches. Ghera will work at the pretrial Detention Facility, the Todd Road Jail, the Juvenile Justice Center, court holding locations, and wherever inmates have access.

I never thought of having drug sniffing dogs in jails and prisons, and now I am wondering why they are not used more widely. It is an extremely useful tool to prevent drug smuggling, and if the inmates were not able to obtain drugs, it would aid on their drug rehabilitation. Kudos to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Foundation!


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  1. Wouldn’t hurt to have such dogs travel the school halls and check out the lockers and such. Used on a constant basis, dogs could help control our national drug problem.

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